Sound Snack Pilot – By a Crossing

Hey, this is a new project by Joy, Sound Snack (Edit on Apr 13).

I didn't realise I had long history working with sound, until we paused the podcast for almost 4 months. I recall that I've been a host in my junior high school radio station, playing music and reading announcements; in college, together with 3 friends, I started a project, Sound Museum, to evoke the awareness of environment by showing people sounds from nature in a website. Two years ago, Bo and I started this really casual podcast, Beginner's Mind. 

There's something charming about storytelling by sound. The sound, voices, and also, most importantly, the silence in-between, tell stories that all your imagination allows. I'm a big fan of spontaneity, co-creation, and interpretation based on each person's experiences. 

Hope these 5-minute sound clips bring you peace of mind even when it's noisy. 

Be happy :)