Episode 33 On Triple Bubbles

Hello, World. We are back!

In the past two months, we've been going through some life changes, like leaving a company and joining a new one, or building a new one (in Bo's case). For me, I've been working on a translation project for a while and it finally came to completion. So we start chatting, recording and keep the show going.

The show begins with the latest news that China bans ICO and bitcoin exchange in Mainland. And then it goes on like a Q&A of bitcoin.

5:00 When did Bo start paying attention to Bitcoin and why? How will it change the banking system? What is blockchain, and the value of bitcoin?

16:00 What does it mean when people are mining bitcoin? Bo says they are more like accountants than miners. How does bitcoin make future online transaction easier? It might change the tax system too.

30:00 China bans bitcoin exchange and how it's going to affect the market. Is there still opportunities for late comers to the market? Why does it matter to people's life?

44:00 Fun fact that a country in Africa (turned out to be Kenya) uses mobile phone minutes as currency. Then we talk about the caveat of investing in bitcoin, and it leads to discussion of new types of cryptocurrency coming up.


* "Old people buy gold, and young people buy bitcoin", comes from an episode of L2inc ("A Primer on Crytocurrency")

* The title, Triple Bubbles, was a joke about Bo's life in Silicon Valley, living in the housing and startup bubble, while speculating the bitcoin bubble. I think it sums up the era we are at very nicely.