Episode 32 On Mobile Working

We came back after a long break. And the first topic relates to mobile working, artificial intelligence, new iPad pro, and a lot of other buzz words.

01:00 What's the prospect of future mobile working? Bo explains how narrow AI might play a role.

14:00 Joy looked in to some of the hardware for mobile working, and raised the question, what makes iPad pro special. Bo answers the question from the new interaction patterns and the standpoint of being a programmer.

28:00 iPad creates the new possibility for future interaction like gesture control, which is already being implemented in in-car interaction. Bo talks about his failed attempt to create a startup basd on gesture control.

39:00 The future of mobile working depends on how likely big corporates are adapting to the new tools. Some companies are already handing iPads to their employees.

43:00 How will the mobile working trend go in China?