Episode 30 On Being Present

We paused the show for a month due to CNY holiday and some technical issues. We each had different experiences in the past four weeks. While Joy was in Nepal for the physically, mentally and emotionally challenging meditation bootcamp, Bo has been working very diligently on his side project in the calm and quiet Bay Area. Again, we didn't have a topic. It used to drive me crazy that we didn't have a set topic, but now I feel I am getting used to the flow that just comes up naturally. And it turned out well. We started with Joy's ten days of silence and chatted all the way to the inescapable reality that we are facing now.

Enjoy! Be happy :)

01:00 How does it feel to live ten days without talking?

10:00 The people who came to the mediation camp

19:00 Why did I sign up for the meditation camp? And we discussed meditation from our own perspectives. Bo thinks it was just about breathing in and breathing out. Joy thinks it's helpful in helping her focus and better manage her emotions.

32:00 What is the technology that creates most emotion roller-coasters?

44:00 Nothing is new in the Bay it seems, and Joy raises the question: are people in the Bay Area jealous of the startup scene in Beijing? And we touched a little bit of mobile payment vs credit card. I wonder if US is going to rely on mobile payment one day as what's going on in China now.

56:00 A little touch on the the situation we are facing today, does it empower you?