Episode 36 On Education

Happy holiday! Quite a month! Joy has been travelling (again) and this time, Bali. So you will probably hear some background music from the resort. Joy got up at 11:30pm and Bo got up at 7am to make the call. Both were yawning until the conversation started. We talked about Alt-School and our view on education. Enjoy!

01:00 Catch up a bit. What is Alt-School? What's going on with Alt-School? Then we started the discussion of the business model -- where it's heading by shutting down two lab schools.

15:00 Would you send your kid to Alt-School? Bo says yes. We further discussed that education startups take time to prove themselves. We digress a bit to another topic: design babies.

24:00 Can selling programs to other schools help Alt-School make money? The program is pretty expensive for public schools.

34:00 Bo is a dropout from college, and we talked about his view on education. Joy also talked about her education in China. Then we talked about personal choice to go through the path that everyone is going through. It was my favourite part of the discussion.

45:00 By comparing our own education experiences, we discussed that the traditional education method might not be failing, and sometimes it's hard to know which way is right for the kids.