Episode 35 On Amazon and Alibaba

Joy was travelling in Tibet for two weeks, and thus the show paused for a while. Now we are back on track, the topic we picked is about Amazon's purchase of wholefoods. We found the topic really interesting because it relates to Alibaba's recent moves on "New Retail" movement.

01:00 We catch up a bit on work and life, and then jump right into the topic. Amazon purchased Wholefoods couple months ago. How does that affect Wholefoods? How will it affect Instacart, a startup that delivers grocery to people's doorsteps? Bo proposed that Amazon bought Wholefoods as an experiment to find out how to support retail industry.

21:00 Joy talked about her experience in Alibaba's new supermarket store, Hema. We discuss why Alibaba started the New Retail movement, why they opened Hema, and waht's their next move.

41:00 One thing keeps coming back in the conversation is that the genes of a company decides the direction of their products, Amazon calling itself a "Day One" company, and Alibaba trying to "make it easy to do business anywhere". But then why do they both get into the entertainment businesses?