Show Pause for a Month

We didn't have a topic last week but we did have a fruitful chat. Started with the Women's March, which Umi and Bo participated, to decreasing children population in SF, to the reflection of living in a bubble, to the fact that we've learned design thinking or programming skills but only to make apps that's not solving any problems, etc. It was deep conversation for me personally, and I thought the audio will help me (and you, unknown audience out there) relive the conversation. 

Yet, unfortunately, something went wrong with the recording. We ended up with videos without any sound, which is frustrating. That counted another missing week. In the incoming two weeks, I am going to be in Nepal attending a meditation retreat, which equals to noble silence and electronic devices detox for two weeks (excited and terrified). There goes another two weeks of episodes.

I know we are pretty bad at posting in a timely manner, and I rarely get to know our audience, who's out there listening to us chatting on random stuff. The feeling is not unlike human being's constant questioning of life in space. But anyhow, I feel I need to explain a bit because this show is important and meaningful to me. 

It's not an end, we are just taking a little break. Talk to you soon.