Episode 22 On Losing Phones

Have you ever lost your phone somehow? And have you ever gotten your lost phone back? I have experienced lost my phone on a cab and got it back in about an hour by using “Find My Phone” feature. It was the most emotional hour I have ever experienced and we decided to talk about this experience in depth.

01:00 My first-time ever almost 10-min monologue, without any interruption by Bo :P We also talked about keeping chat history. I have been keeping my chat history on Wechat for a long time and it will kill me if I lost it.

10:00 We started to analyze what terrifies me most, losing the phone itself, losing my private data, or losing the record and files on the phone. There are three buttons (sound an alert, lock your phone and erase your data) on the Find My Phone app and it’s interesting how people under different scenarios use the three features differently.

22:00 While iOS users enjoy the benefits of Find My Phone app, Android users seem a bit helpless when scenarios like the above occurs.

38:00 We get into serious debate whether Apple should backup the phone before user erase their data on the phone.

50:00 How can people keep track of other things in their lives, like your wallet, a jacket, etc. ? And Bo talked about the new gadget he got for his other belongings, TrackR.