Episode 20 On Pokemon Go

For two weeks, everyone has been talking about it. Pokemon Go swept the world and created buzz that none has done so far. Bo has been playing it in San Francisco for a while and is addicted to it. For me, although the game is still not available in China, I am able to witness friends around me trying every possible means to reach out to the game, especially engineers, who created easy-access location-simulator-loaded versions for people in China to feel the game. We talk from our different experiences and reflect on this pokemania that we are all experiencing.

00:00 It seems hard not to notice Pokemon GO around you. The players show up like mobs on the streets, into the shops, or by the Ocean Beach in the middle of night. All those seem suggest it’s location not AR made Pokemon Go this popular today. And speaking of location, it reminds me of two things: Ingress and Foursquare. Ingress, created by Niantic Lab, is a location-based game prior to Pokemon Go. The two share a lot in common as in game mechanics and business model, but Ingress didn’t get that much attention and active players.

18:00 Though Pokemon Go as an app works terribly sometimes, it doesn’t stop people from using it. This reminds us of earlier version of Facebook, Twitter, etc. –– great products that didn’t look perfect from the very beginning, but there’s something unique about these addicting products. And also we talk about the business model of Pokemon Go and how it’s similar to Foursquare.

38:00 Everyone has also been asking the question: how far is Pokemon Go going? The question itself makes us think that in the future, Pokemon Go is going to be part of people’s life. It becomes a local-related platform that will support a lot more social interaction.