Episode 19 On Live Streaming and Live Broadcasting

I saw this middle-aged man using a live broadcasting app on the bus one day, and it got me thinking: why do people watch strangers talk, eat, or sing all day? Why it has become so popular in China as well as in the States? That was the beginning of the topic, live broadcasting. Bo is really serious about the two definition: live broadcasting and live streaming. You will know more in the end.

01:00 Our talk starts from a video on Vice. The video is only available in Chinese, but the gist of it is the economy of beauty or live broadcasting in China. It has become full-fledged streamlined business, running by agencies and online platforms. From there, we discuss the notion of live broadcasting, and the multiple format and diverse content on live broadcasting platforms.

11:00 It seems the content on Chinese live broadcasting apps is more general, while the western ones is more focused, like Twitch for gaming, live coding, etc. Yet, the connection between the genre of the content and the platform is not as deep as I thought.

17:00 The economy of gifting on live broadcasting: we compared the different business models between Twitch and Chinese live broadcasting apps.

22:00 We try to differentiate live broadcasting and live streaming. Then we got into serious discussion of the ethics of live broadcasting, which relates closely to what happened lately in the US.

38:00 I asked Bo again to clarify the two concept: live streaming and live broadcasting. And also why does it matter?