Episode 18 On Information Triage and Wearables

In last episode, we ended our talk with a new topic: how wearables are helping users to better manage information? How do people feel about wearables that are always on? We continued the discussion this time.

Sometimes I feel the talk we are doing here is not about getting the answer to questions, but instead generating more questions from the talk. If you share similar interests in whatever we are talking about, feel free to share your thoughts with us.

01:00 Bo got his first Echo last Tuesday, and he’s been using it for a week. The first part is like a how to use Echo for dummies. Another interesting question came up is about how voice assistant like Alexa will be able to create some type of “TL;DL” of podcast.

15:00 How do people process information? Or narrow it down a bit, how do people prioritize information? For Bo, the solution is using Apple Watch to help him set the boundaries of notifications. What interests me most is the idea of watch face switch. What if the face switch relates to mode switch, setting different scenarios for notifications?

36:00 As I read somewhere in the news that kids are competing their parents’ attention with mobile phones, that worries me. And thus we have the discussion whether wearables are taking people away from pocket computers, which might be some improvement.

46:00 What do you think about wearables that are always on? Now that we have smart phones on 24/7, it seems we are so used to have all these gadgets around us without thinking about how they’ve been listening to us and collecting data all the time.