Episode 14 On Warby Parker and Casper

Warby Parker is an online eyeglasses retailer, and was named as the most innovative company in the past years by Forbes. Casper creates award-winning mattress for the decade and also new ways to deliver and sell mattress, renewing the traditional industry. We like both companies a lot. Bo is a loyal customer to both companies too. He bought the mattress and a pair of glasses, and talked about them all the time. It’s a fun talk, as we started from this two companies and extending into other topics.


1:00 Instead of calling Warby Parker one of the most innovative companies of the decade, Bo thinks its business model is similar to old-style mail-order catalogue model.

10:00 As I was researching on the two companies, I came across Amazon’s retail shop in Seattle. We discussed if there’s any connection between this move and the two companies.

17:00 Bo points out one thing the two companies share is how they address privacy. Trying out eyewear and trying out mattress are something pretty private. People would like to try by themselves instead of being exposed in the public to feel how the glasses look on them, or how the mattress feels.

22:00 Then the topic extends to subscription model. We try to draw the comparison between some monthly clothes subscription model to Warby Parker.

32:00 At some point, we digress and start talking about Wikipedia, because Bo think Wikipedia has not been mentioned enough lately. It's interesting to think about this question: if you can re-innovate wikipedia to make it more modern, what will you do?

43:00 If Wikipedia exists as a non-profit organization is based on the assumption that information is free on the Internet, then why there's a new trend coming up that people have to pay for information on Quora or Facebook?