Episode 12 On Snapchat

Bo has been talking a lot of good things about Snapchat. I never understood that until I start using it. I learned to use Snapchat for a week. It was fun, but also confusing. That’s how we start the conversation.

0:00 How does Snapchat actually work? I learn to add friend on it, or to watch live event, but still it’s confusing to use it. Bo draws the comparison between Snapchat and the old Facebook when news feed was not live.

13:00 The main difference between Snapchat and Facebook is about the time. Snapchat is more like day-to-day conversation, in which you say something, and it disappear. While on Facebook, it’s like a digital gallery that stores everything you post. We talk about the editorial or curation on Snapchat.

28:00 Another thing about Snapchat is how casual users communicate with others, like how I text message with my friend, or how Everlane communicate with their customers.

33:00 Bo emphasizes that what makes Snapchat unique is that it captures people’s attention. He shares his experience after watching the interactive film, the Room.

43:00 Why is there only handful of channels in Discover? Why doesn’t it provide personalized channels like other services do? Is it good design or bad design? We had a fight over this topic.