Episode 11 On Copy China

0:00 Starting from the last issue of Wired Magazine. The cover features Lei Jun, the CEO of Xiaomi, and the title of that issue says “It’s time to copy China”. Xiaomi’s success is because of its business model and marketing strategy.

13:00 The Internet got lost somewhere, and we didn’t record part of our conversation. So we started talking about other things related to the Chinese market. The new batch of companies from YC 2016 Spring some similar business models from China. Bo says cities in China might be the model of future cities, because they have the most and best resources.

30:00 Given the fact that China is so different and unique in so many ways, it seems impossible to copy the O2O business models from China. Bo argues that if the trend is that more people are moving to the cities, big cities like NYC, SF will learn something from the Chinese companies in how they serve large population.

41:00 I mentioned Indonesia couple times, and Bo spots that, so we start to talk about emerging market as big opportunities for Chinese companies.