Episode 10 VR is the face tattoo

We started talking about VR and related devices again.

0:00 Bo thinks VR is not going anywhere, because people are pretty cautious of what to put on their body. He draws comparison among VR,  Apple Watch and Google Glass.

14:00 There are other devices that we are wearing now that people are pretty comfortable with, like watch, headphones. These might have bigger potential in the future. Start from there, we start to imagine the future of smart headphones.

26:00 When talking about wearables, Bo thinks that style is really important to think about. It’s part of the appearance, and people pay attention to that. And wearables with specific purposes are going to be more popular than wearables with general purposes.

34:00 People like to associate themselves with the brand image. From there, we shift gears and start to talk about new trends in men’s wear is getting much smarter.

40:00 Speaking of fashion, Bo talks about one of his favorite brand, Everlane. What amazes him is their marketing strategy, especially on Snapchat and Instagram. He then explains how Snapchat works for me. He compares today’s Snapchat with the old Facebook when newsfeed was not live yet.

46:00 This is the part when the conversation gets interesting. Though I always know Snapchat is interesting, I still don’t have the motivation to use it because I am already using Wechat. Bo explains how he has six messenger apps, and why he needs all of them.

54:00 No one shares their real feelings on Facebook. What we both realize is that most people are just sharing posts or photos on Facebook now, but not that many people share their feelings or stories. It’s interesting to see something that used to be so addictive turns into something more like news platform. Maybe that’s why we have new social networks every year.

65:00 Bo’s prediction/understanding of the future of social networks and we end up with our title for this episode: VR is the face tattoo.