Episode 9 On Optimization

The part that was not recorded is this: Bo was hanging out with a bunch of new friends, one of which works in a hotel as a manager. So Bo asked her if she knows a new app called “Overnight”, which is kinda like “Airbnb for hotels”. And to Bo’s biggest surprise (which I still don’t understand why), she heard about it. He is surprised because he always believes himself to be the first person in his social group to get hand on new information, like new companies, new products or new technology. That’s how we started the show.

03:00 From Overnight, “Airbnb for hotels”, to the trending term in China, O2O (online to offline). We spend some time discussing the on-demand valet service in San Francisco, Luxe. How the business runs, or how the service works for customers?

13:00 Services like Luxe is going to compete with Uber, Wash.io, and other services on human resources. So Bo proposed the idea to provide a service for the freelancers to maximize their income by helping them schedule their day for on-demand services. 

25:00 But will people be willing to do several services at the same time? Joy described how Didi Dache (Chinese version of Uber), and deliver service work in China. Bo argued that if the services help freelance workers make more money, people will use it.

53:00 More and more services in the future will not be using flat rate any more. Like Sprig, they are charging differently at different time in a day. For busy hours, they charge higher delivery fee.

P.S. Apologies for the choppy voice, the slow Internet is the one to blame.