Episode 8 On Backpacks and etc.

We started with backpack. Bo has always been interested in backpacks with high quality and great features. At first, I think i would just be quiet and let him do the talk, yet, we started talking about customization, VR, 3D printers, drones and other things. And in the end, we ended with smart suitcase. It’s an interesting talk.

01:00 How we switched from talking about backpacks to customization of software.

11:00 Bo started talking about the value of mass customization. If it adds value to users, then making the interfaces customizable to every user will be on the top priority to companies. But the reason why customization is not popular is that people are too lazy to do that. Bo drew the connection with the popularity of VR. We extended the topic a bit further to include 3D printer and drones.

24:00 A lot of products from the beginning are toys.

34:00 We returned to the topic of backpacks again. Bo raised an interesting question: there are so many new design of backpacks on Kickstarter, why is that? And also we started talking about a smart suitcase from Kickstarter. We mainly discussed about the use cases of the product.

55:00 A better suitcase of better Internet of things of products require better battery in the future. And we also talked about beacon and QR code for a bit.