Episode 7 On HoverBoard

What is hover board? Why is it important? While Australia, the whole nation, banned hoverboard, Bo thinks that hoverboard is the future of transportation.

04:00 The safety concern: hoverboard on fire in several places in the States and other parts of the world; and it doesn’t seem to be safe riding outdoor.

15:00 Bo quoted Ben Thompson’s predictions on the future of transportation: electric powered, self-driven, sharing the ownership of vehicles.

21:00 The skateboard or hoverboard is to solve “the last mile problem”. But to me, it sounds like a “first-world problem” –– everything is about efficiency. Why the rush?

34:00 What if the hoverboard becomes a robot, it follows you when you are not stepping on it and your hands are not available to hold it?

41:00 Then we extended a bit into the delivery service in China, drones, etc. All future transportation tools now are still toys, but in the future, they might become something crazy.