Episode 5 On Personalized Search (Part 2)

We continued the topic on personalized search. In this talk, surprisingly, both of us sound so calm and chill.


01:00 We started with Slash the Keyboard. It allows users to search while typing while use some symbols “/” and the channels to search in. It works like coding.

08:00 From technical perspective, how does Slash the Keyboard work?

17:00 We continue digressing on the topic and started talking about “How Apple is Giving Design a Bad Name”.

28:00 As we slowly get back to the topic, Bo asked us to take a step back and think about the right context for mobile search. We spent some time talking about the trust issue of searching results: results from people you know to strangers from the Internet, or from Magic the service.

39:00 How do we envision the future of mobile search?

50:00 Bo mentioned the concept “opinionated data” and how difficult it is to collect data from users to get insight from it.