Episode 28 On Cloud Computing

Bo started using AWS cloud service to stream games to his old macbook. The experience was really good and that got him thinking about the cloud computing a lot lately, the opportunities and the problems. For me, it's more like a learning process, to understand the different concepts in cloud computing.

01:00 Long story short, Bo explained how he started streaming games from AWS and got really awesome experiences, which led him to find out new personal cloud computing products like Sixa and Paperspace.

10:00 The differences between SaaS, PaaS, and Iaas, the last of which is what we are going to focus more in this episode. We went further to explain the difference between public cloud and private cloud.

19:00 Will personal cloud computing be widely used in the near future? It depends on various elements, like the speed of the Internet, privacy issue, and other technical issues. On the other hand, to promote a wider adaptation of the technology requires a work-around with existing cloud structures in the companies, and to persuade CTOs or CIOs to buy the product.

40:00 Similar to the success of Slack, the adaptation of personal cloud computing is most likely to start with startups, or teams in big companies. Relating to Joy's experiences in China, we touched a bit on regulatory level.