Episode 25 On Weather Apps and Crowdsourcing

Here it comes this time of a year, when temperature drops and layers are put on. We start the conversation with weather, like a lot of conversation goes, then we talk about weather apps, which leads to crowdsourcing and other related products.

01:00 It’s quite surprising that people have made so many different types of weather apps. The ones that caught our attention is Weather Underground, Dark Sky and Poncho. They are adding data collected by amateur meteorologist to the app to provide more accurate prediction. Besides official data and data collected by amateurs, what else can be added for future prediction?

19:00 Other examples of crowdsourcing data, like Waze, Kickstarter, etc. We talked about the caveat of the crowdsourcing data and how people apply it in different areas.

40:00 Can crowdsourcing be scaled to more complicated areas, like healthcare?