Episode 26 On Election

The episode was supposed to be about startups in Iceland, which we both have read some fun articles and would like to share our findings. Yet, the election last week struck us so hard that we couldn't avoid. I was quite hesitated to share my thoughts on this topic: it's controversial, complicated, and until this point, I am still trying to figure out what exactly happened. We tried to go beyond our emotions – anger, depress, fear, etc, – and try to reflect on how the result affects us, and what we can learn from it.

01:00 We share about our feelings on this result. Then get into the reflection mode: the electoral college, the voting rates, how Americans exercise their political rights, etc.

11:00 Another main reflection occurs is the feeling that we've been living in the bubble, or tribe, which is constructed by the social media, like Facebook, Twitter, Medium, etc. How this can be changed?

24:00 The election revealed that advanced technology, like machine learning or personalisation, is rapidly changing the way we consume information, as well as the media landscape. And it's going to affect us further in the future. More work can be replaced by machines, and people in the future need to find new ways to create value to get income.