Episode 24 On Startups in Southeast Asia

There are a lot of things going on not just in the Bay Area or Beijing, but everywhere is witnessing certain changes brought by new technology, investment, etc. Last episode, we realized the way we consume the overloaded information today limits our reach to things happen in other countries, like Southeast Asia, or Africa. So we decided to do some research and talk about the startup scene in Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia and Singapore.

01:00 Why the region is getting attractive to foreign capitals and local startups? We listed some of the main points, including the large and relatively young population, the mobile penetration, the prevalence of English, the geographical difference, digital nomads, etc.

13:00 The region is hot for now, so what might be the hurdles or challenges to run businesses in this area? Joy listed some of the challenges in Indonesia, including language, logistics, banking, etc. all of which is on the infrastructure level. Political environment and regulations is also affecting how far the startups can go.

28:00 There’s concern that foreign investment might be major threat to the thrive of local startups, but it seems it’s not that easy for big tech companies to establish similar success in this market either. The business model applied to the Western markets might not be applicable to Southeast Asia.

36:00 Why knowing what’s going on in this region matters to us? And how about the future of this region?