Episode 23 On Ride-sharing

Hola! Finally updated!

We have been away for more than a month, due to a lot of things, such as Joy has gone for Burning Man for a while, some vacations in between, technical issues, and failed recordings. We did try to talk the last two weeks, but the recording was disappointing, so we decided to postpone the update.

The original topic was Joy’s flight experience from China to US, and US back to China, what have changed, what can be changed, etc. Later we realised it would be better if we focus on one specific part of the travel experience, so we ended up with the ride-sharing experience in China and US, and how two products, Didi and Uber, offer different experiences. It’s also a timely topic since Uber exited China few months ago. We made comparison between  regional and international business model. For us, this is a good start after a long break, and we hope you enjoy it as well.

01:00 Start from new proposal in Shanghai and Beijing on regulating the ride-sharing services in China. Drivers are required to have local residential identification to drive for Didi or Uber-like service. And extends the discussion into some features of how didi works in China.

17:00 Discuss the different experiences that Didi and Uber offer. Didi provides more transportation services like taxi, carpool, designated drivers, etc., while Uber focuses mainly on ride-sharing. Didi designed more features specifically for local market while Uber offers the same experience worldwide.

24:00 Digress a bit to talk about emerging market, like Indonesia and India. We came to the realisation that information in these countries are quite invisible to us because of increasing personalised or tailored information service.

36:00 Bo speaks from a passenger’s perspective and talks about which service makes more sense to him. It’s surprising that there are only few companies provide local services internationally.

48:00 We talk about the latest Uber pass in San Francisco. And wind back to the comparison between regional and international businesses from the perspectives of a designer and an engineer.