Episode 3 On Senior Care (Part 3)

What can we do? In this episode, we discussed some of our proposed solutions. 

0:00 We share the research results from asking our family and friends on how the seniors use mobile phones. The use cases in the senior user group are pretty diversified and different than people at our age (late 20s to early 30s). The major apps that the seniors are using (in China) include Wechat and some games. 

07:10 As usual, we digress a bit and get into the discussion of Wechat as a platform for new products.

11:00 Three directions on the possible new products:  Information-related, service-related, and technology-related solutions. We propose some ideas and criticized on it. 

23:00 Joy talks about most of the current mobile design is not friendly to the senior users.

27:00 How about creating an integrated app specifically for the seniors, with completely new technical writing, new iconography, like a stripped-down version of Uber? We had back and forth discussion on the approaches, which is how sometimes product manager or engineer argue with designers. 

37:00 What is the problem we are targeting? And who might be our target audiences?

47:30 How about the need for looking for caretakers? There’s difference among China and the US. Then Bo suggests how about getting on-demand tech support like you call an uber?

01:00:00 What’s the next step?