Episode 2 On Senior Care (Part 2)

What have been done for the senior user group?

03:00 Recap from last episode: we’ve discussed about the problem, the situation, and came up with our own solutions.

04:35 Joy shares her research on existing products, like wearables, and apps. But everything seems designed to protect the senior groups instead of letting them to leverage the technology to learn and to grow.

07:55 The copy in apps is written for the younger generation, which is a higher level of accessibility than font size or font color. 

09:40 Community level senior care in San Francisco and other places, like Japan, China, and Hong Kong. 

16:50 Existing apps seem focus more on the physical wellness of the seniors, and it seems more can be done to help connect the senior users together.

23:20 The concept of an app might not be a good solution to the seniors, because they have to jump between apps to accomplish tasks. So what are the services that needed to provide?

31:00 How about a joint account for the kids and the parents? It seems rather confusing for the senior to manage different accounts and passwords. 

49:00 We talked about business model of startups and then we digressed. Bo got the idea that we can work on a project for certain topics and talk about it in the podcast, like a scum meeting. 

56:30 Wrap-up of the episode. 

1:05:00 We digressed a bit further to discuss the format of podcasts (with the eternal call for sponsorship).