Pilot Episode On Senior Care (Part 1)

In the pilot episode, we talked about a problem that we, and friends around us are facing now or soon: How to take care of your parents when they are far far far away? How to leverage the technology nowadays to better communicate with your family? Is video call enough? Is on-demand caretaker the solution? 

Let's find out!


Show notes:

02:40  Let’s talk stuff.  –– That’s how we started the podcast ITiL.

12:41 Questions to explore: how to take care of parents when they are far away (not in the same city or the same country)? The question arose from Bo and his friends’ experiences. 

15:00 Building communities among seniors might be a solution to approach senior care, such as religious communities.

23:21 But the problem might be bigger than what we are facing. It’s a global issue, it’s a wicked problem that some people have already started solving by creating apps or building new services, like Honor (Bo made a mistake here saying the service called Honest).

31:01 The senior users are not tech-savvy, so it might be better to leverage traditional communication channels, like phone calls instead of emails or text messages. (We kinda took a side walk and talked a bit about innovation in China. ) 

41:10 How can we make changes? Joy is looking at the big picture and Bo suggests how about finding an aspect of the problem and thinking about the possible solutions. We discussed wearable solutions, meetups for the seniors, assistant account for seniors in apps, etc. But one thing for sure, the product is not going to solve everything for the kids, but to remove the frictions in communication with the seniors. 

01:00:00 What’s next? Drill deep into one topic and talk more about in three to four episodes. And the name for the show? We decided it to be ITiL. You will find out the meaning of it if you can listen to the end. 

Music Credit:  "dodge thisss" by Tenacity