How the podcast started

The podcast started as a Skype chat between Bo, a developer based in San Francisco, and Joy, a product designer based in Beijing. We used to share thoughts and information on products, and apps when we were both in SF. This August, Joy went back to China and started working in a startup. The two think that podcast might be a way to keep the conversation going, and also to keep in touch.  

Since it first started, we have no idea where it's heading. It's this kind of uncertainty that keeps us excited about this side project, though there are certain issues we have to deal with. Firstly, the time zone difference. We have to record the call in the early morning in San Francisco and late night in Beijing. And second, the technical issue. We came across a lot on-and-off during the Skype call. It might be the unstable network in China or the old laptop that Joy has been using. 

 The name ITiL came from a book that Bo likes, The Importance of Living by Yutang Lin. Since we are going to pick a topic that we are both interested in, and then talk about it, we decided to call it "ITiL". Using an acronym is for open explanation: it can be interpret as Important Things in Life, Impossible Tornado in Louisiana, etc. 

Have fun!